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All about Pickle

The Pickle series is inspired by my own lovebird. Her name is Apache. My younger brother gave Apache to me in 2019, and she had always had a diet of seeds. Of course, this isn't very healthy, so I tried to put her on a diet of vegetables and pellets. She hated the vegetables and attacked them as if they were monsters. This was the inspiration for "Pickle and the vegetable monster."

When I took Apache to the vet, she didn't like that either. This was the inspiration for "Pickle goes to the doctor."
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My inspiration for Pickle

Main series

The main Pickle series is intended for children aged 3 to 5 years and can be read in any order. The large font size allows older children to read the story themselves or together with you. Each picture book delves into a subject from your child's perspective through the eyes of a very imaginative lovebird.

Educational series

The educational series currently has only one book, with more coming soon! These picture books are intended for children aged 2-3 years old. Like the main series, these book user a larger font size to help those that are learning to read. Each book will help your child in their development of the world around them.

Coloring books

The picture books in the main series each have a coloring book in the same theme. They contain uniquely designed coloring pages, so your child will have hours of coloring fun. Each coloring page has a black back. 
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