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Chirp chirp!

I'm Pickle the lovebird!

I live with my owner Flora. She cleans up my house, because I make a mess and don’t like cleaning up.

I love to make a lot of noise and playing with all the toys in my home. But now my paw is hurting, soa I can't.
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Pickle visits the doctor

Meet Pickle, a peach-faced lovebird with a lot of imagination. His favorite activity is playing. But playing is not possible, because his foot hurts so much that he can no longer stand on it.

His owner Floor takes him to the doctor and Pickle doesn't like that at all. Doctors are scary! Can the doctor make Pickle's foot better again?
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pickle visits the doctor
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About the author and Illustrator

Mariëlle Verwimp

I may have dyslexia, but it has never stopped me from loving to read a good book. I love writing fun stories myself even more so. So, after years of writing original stories as well as fanfictions, in September 2022 I finally decided to actually start publishing my own original work. But not by going to a publisher, I started one myself. This is how Fictura Books came to be. With "Pickle and the vegetable monster" as the first book.
On this website you can follow my journey of self-publishing and learn how to do it yourself as well.

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